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The Wildlife Conservation Tour is offered year round. Travel from Anchorage fifty-three miles south along the Turnagain Arm. Along the way be on the look out for Dahl Sheep, Moose, Bear and Beluga Whale. On of North Americas top ten most scenic byways. This four hour tour gets you up close and personal with Moose, Bear, Caribou, Elk, Wood Bison and many more. $99

AWCC: A nonprofit organization dedicated to preservicng Alaska's wildlife throught conservation, education and quality animal care.  AWCC takes in injured and orphanded animals and provides spacious enclosures.  Animals that cannot be released into the wild are given a permanent home at the center.


CARE: Size matters! AWCC maintains exceptionally large parcels of land called "healthy habitat" enclosures which offer animals the freedom to display their natural "wild" behaviors. AWCC's 18 acre brown bear enclosure is the largest bear encosure in the United States.


EDUCATION: As Alaska's most popular developed visitor attraction, AWCC provides up-close wildlife viewing and educational opportunities to thousands of vistors a year. AWCC interns provide daily programming including caribou wals, porcupine feedings interpretive talks in front of animal enclosures. Also available are in school and field trip programs for student of all ages. To schedule a field trip or classrooms presentation, contact the enter!


CONSERVATION: In cooperation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and othere supporters, AWCC is working to restore the wood bison to the Alaska wilderness where they roamed for centuries before becoming extinct. This historic conservation effort is a major step in ensuring the long-term future of this magnifiecent animal. It alsowill enchance Alaska's wildlife resources, retore a key grazing animal to our northern ecosystem and increase habitat diversity in the release areas. - Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center                                                                    alaskawildlife.org

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