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Thank you for allowing Anchorage Downtown TourGroup - to help plan your adventure. Please shop all you want, when its time to buy, call me first, even it you find something on another websites. I am available anytime for advise OR if just want to ask a REAL Alaskan, a question about your adventure - someone who will base their advise on personal experience. When you're ready to finalize your adventure, please contact Anchorage Downtown TourGroup, so I can personally help you put it all together. We are paid by the guides and tour companies, YOU CHOOSE not who we want you to choose. It is most import that we provide you all the tools you need to rate us with 100% customer satisfaction. Russ Reno - Alaska Native/Owner 

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Anchorage Downtown TourGroup never purchases photos from photographers or generic website designers. 100% of our photos are taken by Owner and Tour Guide - Russ Reno.  Whether on tour as your private guide or while reasearching a new point of interest. You know you are getting the genuine thing when working with Russ and Anchorage Downtown TourGroup. Here is just a sampling of what was taken in the last couple of months on tour. SEE MORE

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Feb 1, 2019 

Russ Reno - Owner/Tour Gruide

This morning I just finalized "Jane's Alaskan Adventure". She and 5 of her friends will be arriving on the 31st of July. We plan on a specialized tour due to all the variables with her group. They are all going on a Cruise from Alaska and they have signed up for several different shore excursions through the cruise company. Not a problem, I have designed a specialized private tour that will take them to Whittier Alaska for an All-You-Can-Eat FRESHLY caught halibut and shrimp meal. Most have had halibut and all have had shrimp, but none of them have had it freshly caught within a mile of where they will be eating. Never frozen, there is nothing better. I always add a bowl of fresh clam chowder, but thats a lot of food so I leave it up to my guests.
Getting to Whittier is an adventure in itself. Whittier was once a secret military base. It is a 5 kilometer one way tunnel shared by car, bus and the Alaska Railroad. In order to get to Whittier you have t drive atop the railroad tracks - converted to allow both car and rail. 
In Whittier we are going to visit several glaciers and explore land that boarders 100s of square miles of virgin forests and untouched wilderness. We border the Chugach national forest a tempered rain forest, and we are less than 10 kilometers from the Harding Ice Field. 1000s of feet of glacier ice that feeds the 1000s of glaciers in the area. MORE?
To Learn about Alaska, during it's occupation by Japan... Please visit my blog  Alaskan Adventures


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