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City Tours

Anchorage, Alaska is a beautiful city with un unimaginable number of things to do. During our city tours, experience some of the city’s greatest treasures and learn the local history!


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The Sunset City Tour has been exception this year. Voted the number on City and Wildlife Tour in Anchorage five years in a row. Anchorage Downtown TourGroup is proud to include the tour nightly and year-round in Anchorage. The last couple of months we have sited a large amount of City Wildlife. Lynx, Bear, Porcupine, Fox, Coyote and lots and lots of moose. What a wonderful adventure our guests have while touring the Anchorage Area. This tour leaves 4 hours prior to sunset and your never disappointed in the spectacular views and majestic wildlife. (wildlife vary during seasons)

The Lynx have been a frequent site this year. They are usually a rare siting and can be difficult to capture on camera. This summer we have had some exceptional luck.

The Salmon along Ship-Creek have been plentiful. We had a record run of King Salmon this year and our many guests have enjoyed the views only blocks from the heart of downtown Anchorage.

Beluga whale sitings in September are phenomenal.

Make sure you include the downtown Anchorage Sunset City Tour during your visit to Alaska.