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Jane’s Alaskan Adventure!

This morning I just finalized “Jane’s Alaskan Adventure”. She and 5 of her friends will be arriving on the 31st of July. We plan on a specialized tour due to all the variables with her group. They are all going on a Cruise from Alaska and they have signed up for several different shore excursions through the cruise company. Not a problem, I have designed a specialized private tour that will take them to Whittier Alaska for an All-You-Can-Eat FRESHLY caught halibut and shrimp meal. Most have had halibut and all have had shrimp, but none of them have had it freshly caught within a mile of where they will be eating. Never frozen, there is nothing better. I always add a bowl of fresh clam chowder, but thats a lot of food so I leave it up to my guests.
Getting to Whittier is an adventure in itself. Whittier was once a secret military base. It is a 5 kilometer one way tunnel shared by car, bus and the Alaska Railroad. In order to get to Whittier you have t drive atop the railroad tracks – converted to allow both car and rail.

In Whittier we are going to visit several glaciers and explore land that boarders 100s of square miles of virgin forests and untouched wilderness. We border the Chugach national forest a tempered rain forest, and we are less than 10 kilometers from the Harding Ice Field. 1000s of feet of glacier ice that feeds the 1000s of glaciers in the area.

After lunch we will visit Alaskas best kept secret. There is a fascinating museum in Whittier that provides you with historic documentation and accounts of history most Alaskans do not even know. Learn about Alaska, during it’s occupation by Japan. Here first hand accounts from the 17,000 who engaged the Japanese to the personal accounts when Canada liberated Alaska and returned it to the US. We learn the facts about US nuclear experiments on Alaska Natives and the exploration by great employers like Roald Amundsen and his many failed attempts to explore the North Pole. We learn Nome Alaska was the largest city in Alaska during the Yukon Exposition – 20,000+. And the surprising tail of “The Boy From Nome”.

We plan on visiting the Wildlife center and taking a one hour cruise on the m/v Ptarmigan and also an extensive city tour of Anchorage. However, some are already visiting the Wildlife center on a separate land tour and they have booked a city tour while in Anchorage, so we have made special arraignments to provide alternate options. I have suggested we go to Hope Alaska a small gold town on the Kenia Peninsula. Or possibly back to Girdwood and a trip up to Crow Creek Mine and Crow Creek Pass. There we will learn about an entire town that was abandoned in 1964 after the only entrance to the town was destroyed during the ’64 quake. We get to see some of the vehicles, buildings and equipment that was frozen in time until access was established in the late 1990s. It is most important that we cater Jane’s Adventure the way she and her guests want. I pride myself on providing a personal touch at all times. This will not be your “cookie-cutter” tour. I plan on having just as much fun as my guests.

Along the Turnagain Arm on the Seward Hwy. We will be on the look out for Beluga Whale and Dahl Sheep. All though nothing is ever guaranteed, we will most likely spot Moose along the way and possibly a Brown or Black Bear will make an appearance. Hopefully the Blueberries and Salmonberries will be getting ripe. A little early, but you never know depending on rainfall for the season. Last fall I was lucky to capture an LIVE Beluga Birth. I have looked all over the internet and I think I have the only footage of this taking place in the wild. What an amazing experience we had.

Looking forward to a fun tour packed with adventure – Jane’s Alaskan Adventure. If you would like a personal a private tour catered to your specific needs please feel free to contact me direct and I will be happy to provide a suggested itinerary at no charge or obligation to you.

What a great day in Alaska, I am looking forward to meeting Jane and her friends.

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