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City & Wildlife Tour

City Tour & Wildlife Adventure

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Individual All Ages

Anchorage Sightseeing and Animal Viewing Tour

Join ADTG for two fantastic Alaska tours in one! Tour the city of Anchorage, see animals in the wild, and also stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and learn about its work and mission.

First, we will explore Anchorage and learn about the history of Anchorage from a real native Alaskan tour guide who shares facts about the area and personal experiences he’s had in Alaska. Next, we’ll travel from Anchorage 53 miles south along the Turnagain Arm, one of North America’s top ten most scenic byways. The drive is filled with breathtaking views of the Alaskan landscape, so be sure to bring your camera!

With plenty of stops for photo ops and wildlife observations, we’ll make sure you get up close and personal with wildlife, such as Dall sheep, moose, bear, and beluga whale. Lastly, we’ll visit the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, a large nature preserve where injured animals are rehabilitated from the Chugach National Forest region. Get a chance to see moose, bear, caribou, elk, wood bison and many more. It’s truly a magical experience, and tour sales benefit the conservation efforts of the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center.

If you want to explore Anchorage and venture further to immerse yourself in the natural landscape, this two-in-one Anchorage tour is perfect for you! Book online today and get ready to see all of your favorite Alaskan animals.