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Glacier Cruise & City Tour

Quick Details

Individual All Ages

See Glaciers, Wildlife & the City of Anchorage!

Learn about the city of Anchorage, see wildlife, and take a glacier cruise! The tour will start off in downtown Anchorage, where you’ll meet your guide who’s a lifelong Alaskan native! You’ll be enriched with the local history of Anchorage and create unforgettable experiences.

We will tour Anchorage, Earthquake Park (commemorating the earthquake of 1964) Upper Hillside, Lake Hood and capture exquisite views of six different mountain ranges. Next, we’ll travel 53 miles south from Anchorage with breathtaking views along one of North America’s top ten most scenic byways, the Turnagain Arm. With stops for wildlife observations and photo ops, we’ll make sure you get up close and personal with wildlife, such as moose, Dall sheep, bear, and beluga whales.

Lastly, we’ll reach Portage where we hop on the glacier cruise, getting up close and personal with wildlife and glaciers. The icy blue ice is absolutely striking, and the glaciers will thrill you with their sheer size and height. Admiring them by boat is one of the best ways to see them up close.

This tour is a great way to get in touch with multiple aspects of Alaska! Book your glacier cruise and city tour online today!